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Extraordinarily Beautiful & Colorful Gemstone Bracelets

The gemstone bracelet is a classic piece of jewelry that accentuates the finest features of the wearer's arms, wrists, and hands. Whether sporting a graceful delicate bracelet or a large bangle, gemstones are the perfect way to add color and beauty to one of the most elegant pieces of jewelry that can be worn.

Regal Sapphire

What could be more stunning than the deep, rich blue color of the sapphire gemstone? Our selection of fine sapphire and diamond bracelets is extensive, with options ranging from classic bangle and tennis to stylish sapphire and diamond halo bracelets.

Adoring Ruby

The bright, vivid red of a quality ruby gemstone is something that simply cannot be overlooked by the human eye, and our natural ruby gemstone bracelets are the perfect exemplification of this. Our Art Deco ruby bracelet for example, features two rows of bright rubies and is complemented wonderfully with small diamonds set in 18-karat white gold metal.

Majestic Emerald

Vivacious green emerald bracelets are an alternative beautiful option we have available at Professional Jeweler. From our vintage-inspired emerald and diamond bracelet with lovely emeralds surrounded with diamonds in white gold, to our more subtle French-pave set emerald bracelet, they are extraordinary pieces of fine jewelry to have and treasure for a lifetime.

No matter what style bracelet with precious colored gems you have in mind, our beautiful collection is certain to exceed your highest expectations.

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