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Precious Colored Gemstone Necklaces & Pendants

Gemstone necklaces and pendants are a must-have item for any sophisticated jewelry collection. Perfect for just about any occasion, the right necklace or pendant can add elegance and unrivaled beauty to any outfit. At Professional Jeweler, we carry a wide range of sapphire, ruby, and emerald gemstone necklaces in styles to please anyone’s discerning taste.

Royal Sapphire

When it comes to precious colored gemstones, the vivid blue sapphire is a favorite among many. Our sapphire and diamond necklaces reflect the perfect combination of timeless beauty and majesty. Available in a several styles ranging from emerald cut to halo and everything in between, we have something unique for everyone, no matter what their taste or preference.

Magnificent Ruby

Ruby is the precious gemstone that is said to represent desire, passion, and love. These emotions are all perfectly captured in the vivid red hue of our ruby necklaces. Available in variety of shapes, sizes and styles, a ruby pendant necklace makes the perfect gift for that special someone—or even a lovely treat for oneself.

Majestic Emerald

Last but not least, our stunning emerald necklaces should not be overlooked. The elegant green emerald is said to represent hope and fidelity, and we believe a larger center emerald is perfectly accentuated with a halo of crystal-clear white diamonds. Our emerald and diamond necklaces are available in a wide selection of designs to suit any woman's unique taste and desire. Whether looking for something subtle and delicate or one that'll make heads turn, there's truly something special awaiting you here at Professional Jeweler.

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