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Precious Colored Gemstone Rings in Unique Styles

Unique gemstone rings in vivacious colors capture the eyes like no other natural colored gem. Most popular of the three, sapphires symbolize health, wealth and honor. Rubies considered the most magnificent of precious gemstones, stand for nobility, purity and vitality. Emeralds are known to signify love, prosperity and intuition. Professional Jeweler offers an exclusive collection of fine quality emerald, ruby and sapphire rings in ageless vintage, classic 3-stone and traditional Princess Di styles. Whether you are interested in a three-stone emerald and diamond ring, vintage emerald cut sapphire ring, an oval shaped ruby ring with diamond halo or an antique inspired 3-stone halo design gemstone ring, our extensive assortment is second to none. Browse our selection to find the one ring that is right for you. And in case you like to have a ring custom made based on your own ideas, Professional Jeweler works with you personally through every step of the process, from selecting the loose gemstone to design and production of the ring so the final product will exceed your expectations.

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